Blog for 2017 Haiti Trip

February 2017

Feb 9

Thursday 9 February - Homebound!

Hi all, Well this is our last post. We had some down time at the Matthew 25 house this morning. We made a stop at the Haitian National Museum. What a wonderful place! We saw historical artifacts and contemporary art and we learned so much about the Haitian culture. We left Port au Prince airport around 3:30 and landed safely in...
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Feb 8

Wednesday 8 February

Hi all, Sorry we are late but it was a long day. Well last night the L'Asille community gathered to say goodbye. It was a wonderful celebration. They sang songs, voiced their appreciation for all we do and gave us and the parish gifts. At this time we distributed the shoes that you donated. All went home happy. After the finishing touches in the...
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Feb 7

Tuesday 7 February

Hello from Haiti, This morning we visited the local hospital to bring all of the medical supplies that you donated. We had over two suitcases full of needed items. We were warmly met by the hospital staff, who showed us the facilities. Although conditions aren't what we experience here, they serve the community well. The work continues at St....
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Feb 6

Monday 6 February

Hi all, Greetings from Haiti! Well what a night for the Patriots!! Yes, we live streamed the game to L'Asille. We decorated one of the school rooms, had munchies to snack on and projected it onto a white sheet!! Much to our surprise, it worked!! It was a fun night for all!! We bid a fond farewell to Father David's aunt, Marie Jossee, who is...
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Feb 5

Sunday 5 February - Chapel Dedication

Hi all, Well it's finally here, today was the dedication of the chapel. We gathered at 8:00 am and began the procession to the chapel carrying the statue of the blessed Virgin Mary. The procession stretched over 2 miles long and it went through a river and up steep hills. When we arrived at the chapel we were met by Bishop Dumas. He...
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Feb 5

Sunday 5 February - Before and After

Hi all from Haiti, Before we send our daily blog about the dedication of the new chapel in Anglade, we wanted to show you the before and after photos of the how the chapel was built over the past three years. We will post another blog about the dedication soon. The L'Asille Ten Before: After: (the after shots will be posted soon - having a...
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Feb 4

Saturday 4 February

  Hi all,  Here's our update from Haiti. We focused on finishing the pews at St. Joseph's church in L'Asille. All hands on deck to put the pews together, clean the benches and sweep the floors. The church is almost finished. Even Father David is lending a helping hand. The community will celebrate their first mass there since the...
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Feb 3

Friday 3 February

Hi from Haiti,   Last night we had a stroll to downtown L'Asille. Father Barry met up with some old friends.  We had a good nights sleep to get ready for this morning. We began to work on the pews at St. Joseph's, which is the main church in town. Some women from the community tested out our work.  We had a visit from a...
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