Parish Twinnings of the Americas

PTTA is a non-profit organization focused on creating lasting sister parish relationships between parishes in the U.S. or Canada and parishes in the country of Haiti and elsewhere. We have over 340 such linkages. The parishes develop a mutual and enriching relationship of sharing, solidarity and understanding. Parishes in the U.S. often raise funds and send resources to their twin parish and help with various special projects. Since 1978, our parishes have sent over $22 million in aid.

What We Do:

  • We endeavor to connect twin parishes.
  • We facilitate and maintain these relationships.
  • We help advise about med mission trips.
  • We offer Matthew 25 Hospitality House for travelers.
  • M25 provides lodging in Port-au-Prince.
  • M25 also facilitates transportation & interpreters.
  • We connect folks doing similar projects.
  • We help to resolve any issues. 

What Catholic Churches in our Program Do:

  • Fact-finding visits to sister parish
  • Medical mission trips to twin parish
  • Med missions to other chosen areas
  • Dental mission trips
  • Fundraising for twin parish
  • Aid schools with funding or materials
  • Help with catechetical training and expenses
  • Construction projects-churches, rectories, etc.
  • Shipments of donated goods to twin parish
  • Water well projects for sister parish
  • Irrigation/plumbing projects for twin parish