L'Asile, Haiti

The Town of L'Asile, Haiti

The village of L'Asile is located in the southwestern part of Haiti, approximately 10 miles from the village of Vieux Bourg d'Aquin. L'Asile has a population of 32,000 of which 24,000 are Catholic. The remainders are protestant and Voodooists. The majority of the people in this isolated, rural village live in extremely primitive conditions.


Most families have very humble thatched or tin roof homes without running water or electricity.


Their only means of survival come from selling produce from the small plot of land they farm. Their average income is 60 Haitian dollars a year. Five Haitian dollars equal one U.S. dollar.

Scenes from downtown L'Asile



Main street at center of town

Main street looking north toward St. Joseph's



House under construction

Side street off of the center of town



North side of L'Asile

East side of L'Asile facing the center



St. Joseph's church on the hill seen from L'Asile center