Visitation House



Visitation House is a guest house which provides accommodations for visitors to Haiti working with twin parishes, as well as social, economic and political justice delegations. We do our best to facilitate goodwill programs by assisting you with the particulars of communication and travel. Make arrangements for guides, vehicles, shuttles and tours in advance of your visit.


Fees: Lodging, including breakfast and supper, is $25/night.

Guides: Skilled Haitian interpreters and drivers are available to accompany you during your stay for $40/day plus gratuity or $60 if one person does both.

Shuttle: Free airport pick up and drop off is available at the beginning and end of your stay. Side trips to the in-country' airport or neighboring sites can be arranged.

Vehicles: A 15 passenger van and three 4WD vehicles are available for up to $110/day plus gas. Drivers bear full responsibility for insurance or damages.

Tours: Guided tours of Antwan Izmery Memorial Projects, the Stations of the Cross in Port-au-Prince, visits to Mother Teresa's orphanage or other local destinations are available

Exchange: Travelers may exchange U.S. dollars for Haitian goudes or vice versa at no extra cost. You may also secure tickets, passports or other valuables here during your stay. The house is protected by around-the-clock security.