My dear brothers and sisters:

Again, I thank you for your very warm and sincere welcome. I’m finding my way around, and hopefully my Plantar Fasciitis will soon wear off and I can be even more active. I’m already struck by how warm and kind everyone is and how excellent the staff is here.

I am grateful for your responses to the initiatives I shared with you last weekend. I will move ahead on moving the tabernacles. We’re just beginning to put the pieces together to unite the collaborative offices, the bulletins and to reconfigure the phone systems. There are lots of moving parts, so it may take a while, and I’m grateful for your patience. 

I’d like to make a change in the daily mass schedule, beginning the week of July 15th- moving the Tuesday 9 am Mass to Saturday at 9 am. 

Effectively immediately, Funerals will be offered at 10 am or noon at the churches, keeping the 9 am Masses at St. Mary’s. I hope this is helpful to all involved.

The nickname for our Collaborative is really an informal thing, and I have heard some folks are not comfortable with Seaside, and I understand it. This isn’t something that needs to be decided immediately, if at all, so I’ll wait and listen to all options- we’ve got plenty of time.

We’re also on the search for altar servers-. This fall, we’re have a more focused pitch, but right now, we need kids, boys and girls, 4th grade and up, to do this very important work. If you have any questions, please ask me!.

-Fr. John

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FOR SCHOOL YEAR 2018 – 2019

We are excited and enthusiastic as we prepare for our upcoming school year.  

Any children from Our Lady of Grace Parish or St. Mary’s Parish that are entering first and second grade and would like to register for classes to prepare for First Communion, please contact Donna DeGregorio at St. Mary’s Parish 781-284-5252 or via email at degregorio.sma@verizon.net.  Registration will be ongoing from June 30th to August 25th.



FOR SCHOOL YEAR 2018 – 2019


Registration for Confirmation 1 and 2 will take place in June.  Appointments will be made starting in June for students who are currently enrolled in our programs.  Any students who are entering grade 9 that are not currently enrolled in our program and are interested in receiving Confirmation, please contact Donna DeGregorio via email at degregorio.sma@verizon.net or at 781-284-5252.


Dear Parishioners,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Fr. John Sheridan. I am 54 years old, I grew up in Newton, the eighth in a family of nine children (I’m number 8). I am very close to all my siblings, who live around the Boston area. A graduate of Newton public schools, I am a graduate of St. John’s Seminary and was ordained in 1990- alongside my pal Fr. Mark Riley, son of Our Lady of Grace and Prattville!   

I’ve served in several parishes in many different roles- as associate at St. Joseph in Salem, St. Ann in Neponset, and St. Cecilia in Ashland, chaplain of Marian High, administrator of St. Thomas Aquinas in Jamaica Plain and St. Benedict in Somerville, and pastor of St. Matthew in Dorchester, St. Thomas in Peabody, and St. James in Salem. Five years ago, I became pastor of what has become known as the Cranberry Catholic Collaborative: Sacred Heart in Middleboro, Sts. Martha & Mary in Lakeville and St. Rose in Rochester- one of the first Collaboratives in the Disciples in Mission process, which I am very much committed to and look forward to developing here.

I’m an avid sports fan and enjoy movies, music, and technology. I am very anxious to meet everyone from St. Mary’s and Our Lady of Grace. I know what a wonderful job Fr. Barry has done in both parish families, and I want to build upon it. 

I ask your patience as I say goodbye to my Cranberry folks and retrain my car to head over the Tobin, as I start officially in June. I know that this will be a difficult goodbye for you and Fr. Jim, too, and I assure you my prayers. As we walk through these weeks of transition, may Our Blessed Mother guide our steps as we work together to strive to do God’s will! Onward!

Fr. John 

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Please check out the new bulletin board at Our Lady of Grace Church about the February trip to Haiti.  We have many photos of this latest trip; so we will show them in several displays.  This first display shows the building of pews and arrangement of donated church items for the main church at St. Joseph in L’Asile as well as the dedication of the chapel in Anglade.

 God bless the people of St. Mary of Assumption, Our Lady of Grace, and our brothers and sisters in Haiti!


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Byenveni nan Our Lady nan sit wèb Grace Pawas! Sou sit la gen ladanenfòmasyon soulavi sa a ki nan kominote nou an, tou de pèsonalite akevènman. Gen foto akmo ki ap dekrianpil sitiyasyon. Pou chèche konnen kilès nou ye, sa nou fè ak sanou kwè, vin rantre nannou pou selebrasyon an nanekaristik la oswa nan yonn nan Generations nou an nan sesyonlafwa. Kòmnan bon nouvèl la sou Jan (1:38-39),nou envite w nan "vin wè non."

Jezi vire tèt li, li wè yo t'ap swiv li, li di yo, "Ki sa yo ou kap chèche?" Yo di l 'konsa:Mèt "" ki kote ou rete? "Li di yo:," Vini non, e ou pwal wè. "                 

Our Lady of Grace

100 Years of Serving God's People in Chelsea and Everett

September 13, 2013


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Laudato Si Society

Lauduto Si Society

The second chapter of Ladauto Si is called the Gospel of Creation and in it Pope Francis states that the ecological crisis in which we find ourselves is complex, and solutions must come from every culture and tradition, from art and poetry as well as from spirituality.  Pope Francis adds his hope for worldwide dialogue through the encyclical and hopes that Christians will realize their responsibility within creation.



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Second Sunday of the month at 2;30 PM
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Register with Rectory 3 weeks in advance

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Contact the rectory at least six months  in advance.
Participation in a marriage Preparation program is mandatory.






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